How many side boobs equal full boob?

How many sides does a boob have?

Describe the geometric properties of a boob.
Show your work.

Taxidermy frogs playing pool

Birds are so privileged for being able to sit on top of

street lamps and judge people.

i wish i was up there

What if your name was Tony

but you spelled it like toughkneigh

Everytime an LGBT makes it out of

food service an angel is born

The drudgery of life under capitalism is going to become so much more obvious as people can no longer afford to go out and buy stuff to numb the pain of working constantly for people who pay them nothing and treat them like shit

What a bleak and deathly

phrase ‘cost of living’ is when you

really unpack it

I am aware of the effect

i have on ART HOES

My Daily Routine w ADHD: