not to be

that girl

but i don’t

when he says he won’t fuck you

wearing the ghostface mask



Koala Kare

changing station

On the phone:

Sugar daddy #3’s


fuck jobs i wanna get paid

for being a sexy angel

so proud of my growth, how i handle

things sent to take me out of

character, the silence instead of

proving a point, and the peace i’ve


people can see me. and not how I can see myself in the mirror. they can SEE ME see me. like 360 view of my body from their perspective. at different distances and angles and times. everybody can see my physical form and make judgements and form opinions about it freely in their own minds. everyday. Multiple times a day.

I know you said to leave you alone but I

miss you beh

You mean so much to me Jamie

I fucked up and I want to make it right

What I gotta do to make you mine


Sir, go to hell…

ppl look at you when you start setting boundaries

Fairy, frog is here to grant your wish

what do you wish for?