Imagine how wonderful a

strip mall would be right

here, a parking lot as far as

you could see!

butt mogged these Imperials today

me and the besties praying to

the river spirits for other

women’s downfall

oh no stepbrother im so

vulnerable. don’t capture me

into your worldwide

nice try world, but

I’m still balling

Femcels femmemogging

tradwifes to make them

seethe, until they get

birthmogged by the teen

mothers, so they have to cope

by thinmogging the ED girls

outside Zara, but then they

getdressmogged by...

you’re right, life is an

experience of joy, a part of

the one which is all things!

Put a pill in a McFlurry I’m goofy

me, acting for the cameras, it’s a

I can see youre gloomy, ‘cause im too

I’m a dog on the roof like Snoopy

Sue me, hate me ‘cause you’re not me

Your ex is having

RAW sex with someone

else and you’re